The Trincomalee Regional Office is located in the Trincomalee district within the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka.

Administrative Area:

The land area of the district is 2,727 square kilometers. There are 11 Divisional Secretariats and 230 Grama Niladari divisions in this district.

Population and Distribution:

The Trincomalee district’s population is approximately 334,363. Communities within this population consists of Sinhalese – 84,766, Sri Lankan Tamil – 95,652, Sri Lankan Moor – 151,692, Indian Tamil – 490, Burgher – 967 and others – 796

Other Details:

Number of Police Stations:13


Other Custodial Institutions: None

Children’s Homes/ Correctional Centers:18


Monthly Complaint Details

Monthly Visits

Monthly Promotional Activities

For further clarifications contact:

The Regional Coordinator
No.343, Power House Road, Trincomalee

Tel/ Fax : 026-2222607

Email: hrctrinco@sltnet.lk

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