The Jaffna Regional Office is located in the Jaffna district within the Northern Province of Sri Lanka.

Administrative Area:

The Jaffna Regional office covers both the Jaffna and Kilinochchi Districts. The entire land area of the Jaffna district is 1,025 km². 15 Divisional Secretariats and 435 Grama Niladhari divisions are in the district.

The Kilinochchi District comprises a land area of 1,279 km². 04 Divisional Secretariats and 95 Grama Niladhari divisions are within the district.

Population and Distribution:

District Population Distribution Total
Sinhalese Sri Lankan Moors Sri Lankan Tamils Indian Tamils Other
Jaffna 67 350 559142 46 16 559619
Kilinochchi 02 424 195386 195812

Other Details:

Number of Police Stations: 19 (Jaffna – 15, Kilinochchi – 04)

Prisons: 01

Other Custodial Institutions: 01

Children’s Homes/ Correctional Centers: 03


Monthly Complaint Details

Monthly Visits

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For further clarifications contact:

The Regional Coordinator
No. 1, 3rd Cross Street, Jaffna.

Telephone/ Fax : 021-2222021


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