The Ampara Regional Office is located in the Ampara district within the Southeast of the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka.

Administrative Area:

The Regional Office covers an area of 3,180 square kilometers. Out of the 20 divisional secretariats 07 divisional secretariats are covered by this regional office, which includes Ampara, Damana, Dehiattakandiya, Lahugala, Maha Oya, Uhana and Padiyatalawa.These divisional secretaries consist of 177 Grama Niladhari Divisions.

Population and Distribution:

The total population of this regional area is approximately 226,648. Communities within this population consist of Sinhala 224,784, Muslim 512, Tamil 1064, Indian Tamil 19 and others 269.

Other Details:

Number of Police Stations: 10

Prisons: 01

Other Custodial Institutions: None

Children’s Homes/ Correctional Centers: 01


Monthly Complaint Details

Monthly Visits

Monthly Promotional Activities

For further clarifications contact:

The Regional Coordinator,
No. D 768/1, Pandukabhaya Mawatha, Ampara.

Tele/ Fax: 063-2222340

Email : hrcampara@sltnet.lk

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