The key tasks of the division is to fulfill the responsibilities assigned to the Commission under the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka Act. The primary focus of the division is to monitor the conditions of the human rights in Sri Lanka. In order to fulfill this mandate the division is required to plan prioritized programmes for ascertaining consistency with fundamental rights of the constitution and international human rights norms and standards.

Responsible for its execution on approval by the Commission for existing legislation. It under take the continuing review of current legislation and regulations. Also examine systems and procedures of state organizations with potential for violations of human rights and submit proposal to the commission for making recommendations to the concerned authorities to avoid administrative and executive action that may results in such violations.

Main Activities:


  • Conduct fact finding Missions based on Human rights issues and situations prevail in the country and give recommendations to relevant authorities.
  • Conduct the researches on particular human rights issues
  • Visits to juvenile and women care and protection places in the country
  • Prepare policy papers to government to emphasize the issues in the human rights context.
  • Formulating general guidelines to the state officials to provide better services to right holders
  • Organizing high profile consultations programmes with relevant authorities
  • Special Advisory Discussion with policy makers
  • Prepare Special Reports and submit to government
  • Participate meetings which are organized by other human rights institutions
  • Organising programmes to disseminate the findings
  • Monitoring print and electronic media

For further clarification contact Director – Monitoring and Review

The Director
Monitoring and Review Division
No. 165 Kynsey Road,
Borella, Colombo 8

Tel : +94 11 2673806

Fax : +94 11 2673806

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