HRCSL Publish the Annual Report – 2014

  The Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka has taken action to publish the Annual Report of 2014 (English version). The report includes activities carried out by the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka for the year 2014 in protecting, promoting and monitoring human rights. Download

During the period of the Presidential election 2015, it has been reported to the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka that when permission is sought in to hold meetings at specific places within the purview of the local government authorities certain political parties have been given favoured treatment and others have been deprived of this right on the basis that such places have been reserved for other activities not related to the election process.

The purpose of the Uma Oya Multipurpose Development Project (UOMDP) is to add 120 MW to the generation system with 230 GWh of annually to the National Power Grid and 4500 hectares of land is due to be developed while 1500 hectares of developed land will be further developed. The project is implemented by the Ministry of irrigation and Water Management in coordination with the Ministry of Power and Energy Read More>>

Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka played an active role to ensure a free, fair and impartial election in the past presidential election hold on 8th January 2015. Human Rights Commission dealt with government officers, members of civil societies and Election Monitors to help the people of the country to choose their representative or first citizen of the country according to their own choice.

The Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka decided to setup a special secretariat to prevent election related fundamental rights violations while casting votes. The secretariat will consist of a Commissioner, the Secretary and a few senior officers of the Commission. This special body will function until 4.00 p.m. of the Election Day – 8th January 2015.

Labour Ministry fulfilled HRCSL recommendation on voting right of Private Sector employees in Sri Lanka

Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka (HRCSL) has taken steps to ensure the voting rights of all the private sector employees in Sri Lanka. This action was taken by the Commission based on a discussion held on 22nd December 2014 with the Commissioner of Elections, Secretary of the Ministry of Labour and Labour Relations and the Commissioner General of Labour. As a result of the discussion the Commissioner of Elections Read More>>

A directive has been issued to all public officers of Sri Lanka on the Presidential election 2015 by the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka. The main intention of this directive is to ensure that the upcoming presidential election of Sri Lanka 2015 will be free and fair and a reflection of the view of people of the country without any pressure being brought upon them. Human Rights Commission of Read More>>

The 2015 Presidential election is due to take place on 8th January 2015 and propaganda activities in that connection are being conducted at present. It has been reported to the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka that some political party candidates have been denied the opportunity to use certain places, grounds and halls within the control of local government authorities.

Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka discussed with Election Commissioner on Presidential Election – 2015

Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka (HRCSL) met Election Commissioner on 11th December 2014 at the head office of the Commission. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss the present situation relating to the Presidential Election – 2015 and to identify issues and challenges which arise in conducting a Free and Fair election.

The UN General Assembly proclaimed  10th December as the Human Rights day in 1950, to draw the attention of people of the world  to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as the common standard of achievement for all people and all the nations. This year the UN theme for the human rights Day is “Human Rights 365”. “Human Rights 365” encompasses the idea that everyday is Human Rights Day. This Read More>>

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