The HRCSL initiated an immediate investigation into the Police action in respect of HNDA (Higher National Diploma in Accountancy) students which took place on Wednesday (29/10/2015) in Colombo.

HRCSL will hold a press conference on Monday 16 November, 2015 to brief the media on the work of the new Commission.

The new Chairperson and Commissioners of the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka commenced work on Friday 30th October, 2015. Dr. Deepika Udagama (Chairperson), Mr. Hamid Ghazali Hussain (Member), Mr. Saliya Pieris (Member) and Ms. Ambika Sathkunanadan (Member) are in the new Commission.

The President of Sri Lanka has appointed a new Chairperson and members to the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka under Article 41B of the Constitution of Sri Lanka (together with Sections 3 and 3(4) of the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka Act No 21 of 1996) on 21 October 2015.

Human Rights Defenders and late Ms Thusitha Sanmarasekara

Who are human rights defenders?
Human rights defenders are those individuals who selflessly think of others without considering themselves and such persons are present in democratic societies in the world. However, there is no clear definition for human rights defenders.

Nepal National Dalit Commission visits HRCSL

A high profile delegation headed by Mr Man Bahadur Nepali, Chairperson of the National Dalit Commission visited HRCSL on 2nd September 2015. The main objective of this visit was to identify the best practices on caste related issues in Sri Lanka.

General Election 2015

Sri Lankans voted to elect a new Parliament on 17th August 2015.  There are many political parties and groups contested for a share of seats in the new Parliament.  This was nothing new.  We have had regular elections and different stakeholders are playing different roles to ensure free and fair election. The present Commission will cease to function when the 19th Amendment to the Constitution is fully implemented.  Even though the efforts taken by Read More>>

The Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka decided to setup a special unit to prevent election related fundamental rights violations while casting votes. The Secretariat will consist of a Commissioner, the Secretary and a few senior officers of the Commission.

HRCSL Held Island Wide Discussions with Civil Societies to Strengthen the Human Rights Defenders Guideline

The Human Rights Defenders act as the voice of vulnerable person or group or community to ensure universally recognized human rights and human rights and fundamental freedoms.

Women’s rights are human rights. Sri Lanka was committed to ensure gender equality many decades before it became a state party to the UN Convention on Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW). Women together with men received the rights of franchise in 1931, along with the right to become a Member of Parliament. The present constitution of Sri Lanka guarantees equal rights to all citizens without discrimination Read More>>

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