When investigating  complaint of disappearances lodged before the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka from January 2012 to date ,it is observed that 21 complaints of disappearances have been made at the Head Office of the commission and from among the Regional Offices , 5, 11, and 2 complaints respectively have been made at the Jaffna, Vavuniya and Batticaloa Regional Offices of the Commission’

While some of these complaints have been given publicity by the media, others have not received publicity’

A common feature observed when analyzing the complaints is that information has been received to effect that  in the case of disappearances reported in Colombo district (within the western Province) white vans have been used’

What is reported from Trincomalee is that checks are being carried out by persons said to be from a division of the police department and that those carrying out the checks do not properly identify themselves’ As such it is an unhealthy precedent that any person has the ability to carry out such checks’

But to date, the Human Rights Commission of  Sri Lanka has inquired about the progress of relevant  investigations from the police department vested  with the legal responsibility to investigate offences of disappearances’ How ever it is evident that there’s no justifiable progress in respect of investigations and the occurrence of yet more disappearances amount to a challenge to the democratic social system and the well being of society’ It is essential that responsible state parties with suitable mechanisms should focus their attention on this reprehensive situation’

The Commission is of the view that the occurrence of such incidents having achieved peace after 20 years of war obviously has not reaped the benefits of peace for Sri Lankan society’

Abduction of persons from within judicial premises, disappearance of student activists and those engaged in political activities within the democratic way of lives cause a grave concern vis a vis  the peaceful progress of the country and sets a bad example both nationally and internationally’ As such the Commission observes that  immediate action by State officials is imperative to prevent such occurrences in the future’

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