Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka calls on HE the President to give leadership in calling for, and the Hon. Prime minister and all members of the Constitutional Assembly to ensure, the incorporation of Economic, Social and Cultural rights in the future constitutional chapter on rights as fully protected rights. Download Need to Incorporate ESC Rights in the Future Constitution of Sri Lanka Tamil translation pending  

Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka sends its position on reform of Art. 16 of the 1978 Constitution of Sri Lanka to the Hon Chairperson of Sub-Committee on Fundamental Rights of the Constitutional Assembly of Sri Lanka. Download HRCSL Position on reform of Art. 16 of the 1978 Constitution of Sri Lanka

The Human Rights Commission’s letter to the Prime Minister regarding the proposed amendment to the Code of Criminal Procedure Act depriving suspects of access to lawyers until their statements are recorded. Tamil and Sinhala translations are pending. Letter to The Prime Minister

United Nations Secretary-General’s remarks at event in Sri Lanka on SDG16: Sustaining Peace – Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka (HRCSL) observes that the public is under a false impression that it is organizing a public march. The Commission wishes to bring to the notice of the general public that the Commission has no connection whatsoever nor bears any responsibility whatsoever for the “reconciliation march” that has been organized in the name of human rights. (Cont.) Download

In 2015 the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka (HRCSL) recommended to the Ministry of Health to issue a circular to enable transgender persons to change their sex in their personal documentation, such as the National Identity Card (NIC). Since then the HRCSL had continuous discussions with the Ministry of Health, the Department of Registrar General and civil society regarding the gender certificate which was formulated by the HRCSL to Read More>>

On 22 July 2016 the Human Rights Commission presented its proposals on the public security regime to the Sub-Committee on Law & Order appointed by the Constitutional Assembly in line with its mandate stipulated in the Human Rights Commission Act No 21 of 1996. These proposals expanded on the proposals the Commission made to the Public Representations Committee on Constitutional Reforms on 9 March 2016. The presentation was followed by a written Read More>>

The Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka has drafted its Strategic Plan for 2016-2019 and invites comments and suggestions from interested parties and citizens. Please send your comments to the Chairperson of the Human Right Commission of Sri Lanka on or before 15 August 2016 (please go to the below link to download the Strategic Plan). By post: Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka, No 165, Kynsey Road, Colombo 08, Read More>>

The Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka commemorated on 30 June 2016 the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture – 2016 which falls on 26 June on the theme “Stop Torture”. The island wide campaign was launched at the head office of the Human Rights Commission and observed by its ten regional offices as well. The national campaign was launched with a public march which was attended by Read More>>

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